Frequently Asked Questions

Does Asterism offer certificates for our diamonds?

Yes. Every diamond engagement ring is accompanied by an original diamond report from the Gemological Institute of America. (GIA)

Does Asterism create custom designed rings?

Yes. Provided your request aligns with the Asterism design aesthetic, we will be happy to work with you to bring your dream ring to life.

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Can I get an engagement ring with lower budget?

No matter what budget you got, we can make you a beautiful ring.

How can I buy a ring if I am not in Auckland?

No matter what country you are in now. Asterism Jewellery can give you professional advice online and send picture and videos to make sure you hold all the details of what you are buying. And we can deliver product overseas.

How can I buy a ring without enough money?

No worry about that. Asterism can let you pick up your dream ring for free. We can arrange the longtime finance service, you can take the diamond home right now!

The advantage of being an Asterism Membership?

You can automatically be an Asterism Member by getting your first jewellery from our shop. We provide 5  levels of membership for a different discount and also you will get rewards points from each purchase.

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How do I choose my diamond and Rings?

No matter you know a little or nothing about how to choose a diamond, our professional sales will lead you to find your satisfied product.