Repair & Maintenance

Does Asterism provide after-sales service?

Yes. Asterism jewelry will provide you with: A “Certificate of Authenticity” for each piece of jewelry purchased, A life-time cleaning service, free of charge, and a free inspection to advise of any repair requirements.

How long does Asterism can cover the cost for repairs and maintenance?

The Asterism Professional Care Plan is currently not available to purchase online.
If you wish to add one of our plans to your purchase, please contact your nearest store within (??) days of your purchase.

What kind of damage will Asterism cover if I purchased a product from Asterism?

Firstly, the damage happens within (??) days of your purchase. After that, the damage caused by defective products. To sum up, Asterism will cover the cost for fix the damage from those causes mentioned above.

How much money will cost if I got a damaged jewelry to repair?

There are many different repairs that can be done to restore your jewelry. The cost will ultimately depend on the material and condition of your piece as well as what repairs want to get done.



What kind of jewellery repairs and maintenance can Asterism provide?

Our team of expert jewellers are happy to help repair or maintain the quality of your precious jewellery. Please visit our store to take advantage of our services which include:

• Ring Re-sizing
• Re-tipping of ring prongs
• Metal re-plating
• Resetting of diamonds and gemstones
• Jewellery polishing
• Re-threading of necklaces and bracelets
• Stone tightening
• Earring repair