How to get tax free?

Once you have found your diamond ring you complete your purchase with Asterism Jewellery at the Tax-Free Price. Remember inform us your Flight Details.

Asterism Jewellery will complete the Tax-Free documents and sends them to you. And will deliver your diamond ring to the appropriate airport’s Collection Agency.

Before you depart NZ you give your Tax-Free Documents to the Collection Agency at the airport and they give you your ring.

How much do I save for Tax Free ?

You will save 15 % of the purchase.

Can I pick up the ring when return to NZ ?

No, you must pick up the ring when you are leaving New Zealand. If you do this on your return you will need to pay the 15% Tax.

Is there a time frame ?

Yes, this must be within 3 months from when you purchase the ring to the time you travel overseas.

Does NZ Citizen apply to Tax Free service ?

Yes, if she/he is travelling overseas.